Department Of Marketing And International Business



The world today appears ever smaller due to increased technological and political changes, trade and commerce. These continue to expose a number of challenges to people engaged in the selling/buying of goods and services; in out-sourcing of technology, carrying out negotiations, making deals, drawing contracts plus a host of other business related activities all of which must be overcome in order to conduct successful and profitable business. What is less apparent are the cultural, political and economic differences which exist between us and what solutions we are likely to provide to those challenges which we face while conducting international business. BIB aims at discussing a wide range of issues which characterize the international business environment and suggest the best methods of managing challenges related to them. In addition to increasing a student’s awareness of these issues, it will make them better prepared to manage international business situations.

Career Prospects

With the BIB degree the graduate has opportunities to work in Uganda and abroad. Possible positions include: product manager, account manager, export manager, marketing executive/manager, communication manager, finance manager/executive. Graduates can also start their own companies/ businesses. With a BIB degree one could start working at a multinational company in Uganda, but also with a regional exporter who wishes to enter foreign markets.


Year One  
Course Course Name
Semester I  
ACC1101 Financial Accounting
MRK1102 Introduction to international Business Environment
FIN1102 Business Law
MGT1105 Business Communication Skills
BUC 1209 International Communication Technology
Semester II
MGT 1208 Business Administration
BIB1202 International Trade
MGT 1207 International Economics for Business
MIB1206 Business in Emerging Markets


Comparative Economic Growth

Economic Development &Growth

 Year Two
Semester I
ACC 2101 Global Marketing Strategy
BUC 2208 Multi Cultural Marketing Strategy
MIB 1201 International Business Law
BUC 2102




Cross Cultural Management

(Choose one)

International Business Operations

Multi National Corporate Mgt

Semester II
MGT2230 Human Resource Management
BIB2204 Developing an International Business Strategy
MRK2220 International Marketing
MRK2221 International Logistics &Supply Chain Management
MGT2221 Regional Corporation &Integration
LHM 2222 Kiswahili I
LHM 2220 French I
LHM 2117 Chinese I

Year Three

Semester I
BIB1101 Internet tools  for International Business
MGT3117 Research Methods
ACC3101 International Accounting
MRK2130 Cross Cultural Negotiations in International Business
LHM 3122 Kiswahili II
LHM 3120 French     II
LHM 2225 Chinese    II
Semester II
BIB3232 Project Report
MRK3220 Multilateral Trading Systems
MGT3220 Entrepreneurship Development
FIN3230 Multinational Business Finance
MRK3221 Export &Import Management
MRK3222 Business Ethics





The BSc Marketing is an undergraduate program that develops professionals in Marketing. Marketing is considered as the engine that drives organizations. It the organization function charged with defining customer targets and the best way to satisfy their needs and wants competitively and profitably. Marketing is a practice in both business and non-business organizations. The marketing executive has several tools he/she can manipulate in order to meet and satisfy customer needs/wants.


Marketing is a key functional area in all types of organizations and relates closely with other functions like logistics, sales, manufacturing and purchasing. Graduates of the BSc Marketing Programme can look forward to a wide range of excellent career opportunities inside and outside of organizations’ marketing divisions. Graduates of the BSc Marketing Programme can take up the following positions:

  • Product/Brand manager
  • Market researcher
  • Management/Marketing trainee
  • Account manager
  • Media planner
  • Category manager
  • Advertising strategist.

From these positions, graduates often grow into more senior-level positions. Marketing functions are excellent spring boards for positions to higher levels, and even to CEO-level. As organizations become more and more market-driven, there is a growing need for leaders with a deep understanding of marketing issues




Code Course Name
Year One
Semester 1
BSM 1101 Principles of Marketing
BSM 1102 Principles of ICT for Marketers
BBA 1104 Business Communication Skills
BBA 1106 Business Administration
BSA 1102 Principles of Accounting
Semester II
BSM 1201 Understanding Customers
BSM 1202 Product Planning & Management
BSM 1203 Business Law
BSM 1204 Business Economics
BBA 1203 Principles of Management
Year Two
Semester 1
BSM 2101 Marketing Research & Information Systems
BSM 2102 Selling and Sales Management
BSM 2103 Marketing Channels
BBS 2101 Business Statistics
Electives (Choose One)
BSM 2104 Retail Marketing
BSM 2105 Agricultural Marketing
Semester 2
BSM 2201 Services Marketing
BSM 2202 Marketing Modeling
BSM 2203 Cost & Management Accounting
BSM 2204 Managerial Finance
Electives (Choose one)
BSM 2205 Tourist Destination Marketing
BSM 2206 Export and Import Management
Recess Semester
BSM 2301 Marketing Project Work
Year Three Semester 1
BSM 3101 Marketing Communications
BSM 3102 E-Marketing & Web Design
BEM 3102 Entrepreneurship Development
BHR 3103 Principles of Human Resource Management
Electives (Choose one)
BSM 3103 Hospitality Marketing
BSM 3104 Entrepreneurial Marketing
Semester II
BSM 3201 International Marketing
BSM 3202 Strategic Marketing Management
BSM 3203 Marketing Case Study
LGD 3203 Business Ethics
Electives (Choose one)
BSM 3204 Brand Management
BSM 3205 Price Management