Department Of Leisure And Hospitality Management


The recreation, events, and entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing areas of investment and job opportunities in the leisure and hospitality industry of our country and region at large. Hence access to low cost-skilled labor force is one of the key factors that a serious investor in this business will consider before deciding to do so. Schools and other educational institutions, big hospitality establishments, and local authorities are also among those other employers who would need employees who are well educated and trained in recreation and events management.

This programme will cover a wide range of courses like the social psychology of recreation and events, event planning and scheduling, function catering, business communication skills, marketing recreation and events, revenue management, entertainment business management, and how to start your own business among others.

Career prospects:

At the end of this programme, the students/graduates will be able to competently work in establishments like public and private stadiums, amusement parks, theme parks, entertainment centers, theatres, cinemas, conference and convention centers, for events management companies, promotional companies that handle corporate events, big hospitality establishments with recreational facilities, educational institutions, community and social centers, and other recreation and events management- related organizations. Students can also start up their own business especially in areas of events management for the beginning.

Programme Structure for Diploma in Recreation and Events Management: 

Year I  
Semester I  
LHM1101 Introduction to leisure and hospitality industry
ACC1102 Financial Accounting
BUC 1103 Information Communication Technology I
MGT 1104 Business Communication Skills
Semester II
FIN1205 Business Law
LHM1206 Principles of Travel and Tour Operations
LHM1207 Events planning And Management
LHM1208 Economics for Recreation and Events
Year II  
Semester I  
LHM2109 Marketing Recreation And Events Services
LHM2110 Entertainment Business Management
LHM2111 Recreation and Events Revenue Management
LHM2112 Start up your own business
Semester II  
LHM2213 Business Ethics
LHM2214 Facility and Equipment Management
LHM2215 Safety and First Aid Management
LHM2216 Cross-Cultural Management
LHM2217 Internship



Programme Structure for Diploma in Recreation and Events Management:

Year I  
Semester I  
Code Course Name
ACC1101 Financial Accounting
LHM1102 Introduction to Hospitality Industry
LHM1103 Food production and preparation 1
LHM1104 Restaurant food and Beverage Service
Semester II  
MGT1205 Business Communication Skills
LHM1206 Cake and Pastry Preparation
LHM1207 Food sales and Marketing
LHM1208 Food preparation and Production II
Year 2  
Semester 1  
BUC2109 Information Communication Technology
LHM2110 Customer care in Hospitality
MGT2111 Principles of Management
LHM2112 Start up your own Business
LHM2113 Business French
LHM2114 Business Kiswahili
LHM2115 Chinese
Semester II  
LHM2216 Food and Beverage Costing
LHM2217 Purchasing and Stores Management
LHM2218 Accommodation Operations
LHM2219 Industrial Training and Report
LHM2221 Business French
LHM2222 Business Kiswahili
LHM2223 Chinese
Total credit units for year two