Message from the Dean

Dr. Timothy Esemu

The Faculty of Marketing and Hospitality Management is a center of excellence in Marketing, Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism and International Business in Uganda and the East African region. We have become a point of reference in the East African region in these areas. We assure all our stakeholders of our unwavering commitment to providing the best education to all our students at the different levels in the above areas. The Faculty has the most trained and most professional staff in the areas of Marketing, Leisure, Hospitality and Tourism as well as International Business.

We also teach Business language courses in Chinese, German, Swahili and French that are tailored to Business. In line with MUBS vision and mission, we strive to be the benchmark of education, research, and training in the areas of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure, Marketing as well as International Business in the region.

The level of Scholarship and Research in the Faculty is very high and is a constant testimony of what we aspire for. In addition, the Faculty also strives to expose our students to the world of work and to forge close partnerships between potential employers and the students’ community. In pursuit of this, the Faculty organises the annual Marketers Week and the annual Hospitality Day in addition to the mandatory field attachment placements that all students have to undergo,.
These prime activities of the Faculty help to bridge the gap between theory and practice. In these activities, the students’ creative and problem solving abilities are put to the test. I therefore assure you that getting admitted to any of the Programmes in the Faculty and to MUBS is always the best decision to enable your future.