A Brief About The Faculty

The Faculty of Marketing and Hospitality Management (FMHM) is one of the four faculties at MUBS that houses the Marketing, International Business, Travel and Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality and Catering programmes of study. These are programmes that are packaged and regularly reviewed so as to make them relevant to the dynamic demands of the world of work.

Over the years, the Faculty has established itself as the major trainer and churned out a number of highly skilled and professional graduates in the marketing and international business field and the leisure and hospitality industry, many of whom are providing unrivalled business leadership in their respective areas of expertise.

We continually strive to produce world class students and to make a meaningful contribution to the career prospects of our clients. You are welcome to join one of our exciting and challenging programmes that will surely enable your future. We shall be glad to receive you at the Faculty.

The Faculty Mission

To enhance performance and competitiveness of our students and clients by providing a professional academic environment for Marketing and International Business, Leisure and Hospitality.

The Faculty Vision

The leading international provider of education, research and business training through competence development in Marketing and International business, Leisure, Travel and Tourism and Hospitality.